Best Low Impact Cardio Routines for Beginners

Best Low Impact Cardio Routines for Beginners

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Starting a new workout regimen is never easy, but you do not have to take on a joint jarring workout if you want to get your sweat running or want to burn extra calories. The key to losing weight is to start easy and challenge your body a little with a good deal of low impact fat burning workouts.

Cardio exercises are great for beginners who are not prepared to lift the heavy weights. Low impact routines will help the inactive people to get in proper form and start alleviating pressure on joints and muscles. At beginner fitness level, make sure that you do not go too fast with any cardio fitness routine as increasing sudden pressure on the body can increase the possibility of injuries.

Here are some of the low impact cardio exercises for all type of fitness that will help you get in shape and strengthen your muscles so that you can take your fitness a step ahead:

Best Low Impact Cardio Routines for Beginners Walking Punching

A very easy exercise routine that includes alternating left and right punches as you perform light walking. You can increase your walking pace gradually and incorporate jog or march while bringing your knees as high as you can and coordinate your punches with your pace. This will help you build posture as well as upper and lower body muscles.

Yoga and Pilates

Best Low Impact Cardio Routines for Beginners These two forms of exercising will help build mental and physical balance while improving muscular and postural strength. Even though Yoga and Pilates are different in their forms, these two low cardio impact routines will help you return back to exercise easily, as you maintain your fitness. PiYo workout by Chalene Johnson will help you combine both these factors together to strengthen your body and add flexibility. PiYo is a low impact cardio workout also includes high intensity routines while utilizing Yoga and Pilates to give you internal and external body strength.

Best Low Impact Cardio Routines for Beginners Windmill Steps

Beginning with simple side steps, you will move your training leg behind you with a slight tap, while adding large arm swing in circular motion. Gradually you intensify the routine as your body gets used to the light movements by dropping the hips lower to the ground in a squat position. Increase the step width and speed until you substitute step with a lateral jump.

So Let’s Get Started!

These are the three simple low impact cardio routines that you can perform at the comfort at your home and begin to build your body positively. Take up the routines gradually to get better muscle strength and definition while avoiding getting any injuries.

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