Make Your Challenge Packs Pay by Joining the Coach Groups

Make Your Challenge Packs Pay by Joining the Coach Groups

Beachbody Challenge Groups

The most important thing while starting your way to a healthier you is the check and balance. With the Beachbody Challenge packs, this comes Free!

Let me explain to you a little more about the Beachbody challenge packs so that you understand the great benefits they offer.

Do you know that every year an estimated number of 12 million women start a weight loss journey, but unfortunately only 10% of them are able to reach their goals. So, on which side do you consider yourself to be?

If you do not want to be a part of the 90% women who fail to attain their goals then grab the Beachbody Challenge packs and become a part of the 10% who succeed?

Take the Fight with Beachbody Challenge Packs:

A Beachbody challenge packs are the special “goodie-bags” for all of you who are trying hard to reach their fitness goals and enter the New Year with new zeal and a better body.

The Beachbody pack will be inclusive of any challenge of your choice, Shakeology, and a 30-day free trial Team Beachbody Club Membership.

The best part about the challenge pack is that you will be saving to $50 off the retail price of a fitness program, Shakeology and the club membership altogether. With that you also get a cut on the shipping cost (about $10-$15) – not a bad deal at all.

Moreover, you will see how it feels to “become a Beachbody coach” with the 30 day trial membership, the best way to start the business.

Take the Beachbody Challenge

Get Motivation to Complete Your Challenge Plan:

So once you have the challenge pack, work through the program for getting health, fitness and more!

If you want support to follow your challenge, and get the best results out of it, then join a Challenge group and make sure you are right on the track towards fitness. Through the Challenge group, you will be assigned a coach to follow your challenge plan.

Make Me Your Coach by joining my challenge group and I will make sure that when you leave, you are transformed beautifully from head to toe.

Simple Requirements to Join My Beachbody Challenge Group:

  • Commit to finishing the entire program to support and get support.
  • Be on Shakeology HD to boost your results.
  • Make sure you keep check and balance everyday

With only these three simple steps will ensure that you are willing to ensure in your health with me.

Important End Note:

Do not let your this season keep you away from reaching your fitness goals. Buy the Beachbody Challenge pack, Join my Challenge Group for added support and with the help people having the same goals as you, be accountable to your fitness, and see promising results with me.


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