Vanilla Shakeology – Great Flavor for the Best Nutrition

Vanilla Shakeology – Great Flavor for the Best Nutrition

Vanilla ShakeologyRecently, Beachbody has come up with its New Vanilla Shakeology flavor! Yes, you have been waiting it for so long but Beachbody cannot compromise on your health. They have to give you all natural, non-GMO ingredients organically produced. The creators of Vanilla Shakeology have extracted vanilla extracts from originally grown, clean air and rich soil of the Madagascar rainforest.

Vanilla Shakeology is tasty and healthy!

Vanilla Shakeology is not only rich in taste but it is healthy too. It has pre-biotics and pro-biotics that strengthens your immunity. It has anti-oxidants that reduce the effects of ageing. It has Sacha-inchi that reduces stress. It is enriched with Whey protein that helps in muscle building. Shakeology contains pomegranate powder that reduces your proneness diabetes, dementia, and cancer. Shakeology has Acai powder that controls your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

The rose hip powder in Shakeology prevents you from allergies and reduces asthma symptoms. The citrus bioflavonoid in it reduces blood related issues. Shakeology has Maca powder that increases energy stamina and immunity. All these nutrients in one glass of a drink make it extra-ordinary drink.

Vanilla Shakeology is Natural!

Free from preservatives, artificial flavoring, color, added sugar and harmful chemicals, its all natural! All ingredients of Vanilla Shakeology are extracted from natural sources.  It is safe and healthy.

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