Relationships and Health – Living For Better or for Worse

Relationships and Health – Living For Better or for Worse

Your health is directly related to your mental state. If you have a happy relationship, the chances are that you are living in the pink of health. Being connected in a strong partnership has shown that people tend to get into healthier habits, eat better, and spend time outdoors more. All these activities avoid a number of ailments, and even increase the chances of living longer.

Relationships and Health

Not just your relationship with your better half, but even if you are socially accepted in your circle and have family and friend groups to spend some quality time with, you can rev up healthy living. Negative relationships, on the contrary, will increase the chances of harming your health.

Here is an insight on how positive relationships can have direct effect on maintaining your health and keeping you fit and upbeat for long:

Relationships Affect Health

According to a psychologist, both behaviors and the habits that associations pass to each other affect the overall wellbeing of the individuals. Whether it is a romantic bond between the couples, or a life-long camaraderie, here is how it will influence your health:

Affects on Weight:

Relationships and HealthThere is a very common saying for married couples that they let themselves go – meaning that once married, couple tend to eat more together and get lazy to exercise. It may be true for some, but couple who workout jointly and adopt healthier eating habits together are more likely to get better physical and mental health as compared to the solos. They feel more responsible, and accountable to the set goals to each other.

Similarly, friends and siblings who get into health and fitness regimes together are more likely to get the desired results with support and more responsibility.

Affects on Mental State:

Relationships and HealthYour intimacy with your better half affects your levels of stress majorly. A tap on the back, holding hands, or a warm hug is said to lower blood pressures and the levels of stress hormones, according to a study.

Caring behaviors of your loved ones will also help your body to release good hormones that will overcome mental stress and anxiety.

Affects on Body’s Immunity Levels:

A study conducted in 2009 proved that cancer patients who were happily married built immunity and lived longer than others lived, post diagnosis.

Among the 3.8 million patients suffering from colon, lungs, or prostate cancer showed that 58% of married ones lived for 10 years, as compared to 48% of divorcees and 41% of widows and widowers. Worst-case scenario was of those who were separated from their partners and the survival rate among them was only 37%.

To End:

It is true that every relationship has to go through trials in their lives, but if couples, friends, and siblings aim to promote a healthy living together, they can achieve better successes than others can. Strong and contented bonds between people will harness healthier living styles while enhancing life’s longevity.

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