Shakeology Combo Box – Mix Health with Fun: Chocolate/Vanilla Packs

Shakeology Combo Box – Mix Health with Fun: Chocolate/Vanilla Packs

As the new vanilla Shakeology hit the stores, people have been reviewing about the blend of the best Shakeology flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla. With such high demands, Beachbody has introduced the Shakeology Combo Box – so that you can have your cake, and enjoy it too! – pun intended.

The new Shakeology Combo Box is a blend of 24 single-serving packets (12 Chocolate and 12 Vanilla) so that you can alternate the flavors each day, or mix the two to get a lip smacking smoothie blend that will entice your taste buds.

The Shakeology Combo Box also comes with a Chocolate/Vanilla Recipe Calendar, so that you can just fall in love all over again with your glass of complete health!

Here are some details on the purchase of Shakeology Combo Box:

Shakeology Combo Box

Available for the price of $129.95, you can get Chocolate/Vanilla Combo Box by placing your order online at Beachbody. The availability of this combo box started on Monday, September 23rd, so now you can easily place your order.

Buy Shakeology Combo Box

Select your combo packs by selecting “Combo Packets: Chocolate +Vanilla”, before you place delivery for your 1 month Shakeology supply.
Shakeology Combo Box

Please note Challenge Packs will be updated with Chocolate Vanilla Combo Box throughout Monday through Wednesday Sep 23rd – 25th

Shakeology Sampler Pack

Beachbody has also introduced the Shakeology sampler pack, so that you can try out each of the Shakeology flavor. This is a great option if you are new to Chocolate or Vanilla flavor of Shakeology, But remember that there is a 1 box Shakeology sampler pack limit per Team Beachbody account.

The best deal is to get the sampler pack first to try out each Shakeology flavor, and then move towards Shakeology combo box and have fun with the mix of Chocolate/Vanilla flavors.

Shakeology Taste Sampler


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