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Keeping Health Safe during this Year’s Holiday Season

Holidays are the critical time of the year as all the parties, gatherings, and delicious meals work against your health and fitness. The holiday events are the happiest time of the year, but if you do not watch it, that happiness can result in the gain of unwanted pounds. It is time when typically people fall short in the gyms and slack off from their healthy eating routines. Even though you have some time until the next holiday arrives, you need to make a game plan beforehand to avoid falling prey to the shortfalls. A proper plan will help you stay on track and still enjoy a wonderful holiday season. Avoid Using Holiday as an Excuse: People justify slipping off from their healthy eating Read more

Develop Healthy Eating and Keep Addictions Under Control

Eat Well
Binge eating does not mean that you have candy bars hidden under your pillow, or chips in your cupboards that you seldom munch on. It is compulsive eating, which will fill the emotional needs rather than true hunger. Many people are hooked to eating refined carbohydrates, primarily sugar and flour substances that are quickly metabolized and turned into sugar in the bloodstream causing the gain of excessive weight. Due to the uncontrollable food cravings, the quality of life is also deteriorating and people are getting more prone to chronic ailments. The problem is, recent research have indicated that the more unhealthy food you eat, the more you desire it. So if you do not start with Read more

Avoid the Junk – Stick to Healthier Eating Habits

Eating Healthy
I am not fan of dieting – particularly fat diets – but I try to maintain health and fitness by eating smartly, and that means I avoid the junk. Junk addiction has often said to be similar to drug addiction. Who can just eat one chip or one spoon of their favorite desserts? Saying no to junk food is hard, but today I will provide some tips, which you can learn to avoid the junk, keep it off, and minimize the effects of such food items. Kick Out Junk Food – Add Healthier Eating Habits There are many ways to get off junk food addiction, and stick to a healthy diet. Make a Switch: For an addict, shifting from cookies, candies, salty snacks to veggies is not possible. Therefore, you need Read more

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