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Developing Healthy Dietary Defaults – Making the Right Food Choices

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The food choices that we make mindlessly, without really looking for the alternatives are called “diet defaults”. The things we eat every day for breakfast, or for lunch, or dinner, all account for our Diet defaults. They are the autopilot programs that are pre-set in our system. What do you think of eating when you are hungry? What is your automatic default built-in? Usually people indulge in food options that are destructive for the health. These unhealthy diet defaults result in breaking the diet routines and in effecting the health negatively. However, the unhealthy automatic choices we find ourselves making are not in-born. If we think actively, we are capable of making good dietary Read more

Adopt Regular Eating Patterns to Mend Your Health

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You may have heard the traditional saying “You are what you eat”. Everything you eat today interacts with your body on many levels: By giving it energy, By maintaining healthy weight, By providing mental clarity, And by handling stress levels. So, it becomes obvious that our health is affected by what we eat. However, there is another fact that lies at the very beginning of “what you eat” and is actually the first step to a healthful life, and that is “eating regularly”. Practically, you need to eat to live. But most of the people fail to maintain proper eating habits in their daily routines or cling to fad diets that involves starving the body of proper meals. Not Read more

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