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How to Augment Your Cardio Workout Results?

HIIT Cardi Workout
Exercising is essential when you want to stay at the peak of your health and fitness and cardio routines are even more beneficial to cater to your overall health. Not just the weight loss, but cardio-based exercises are the best selection for your body type whether you want to burn the fat, build the mass, and want to gain athletic performance or improve your health. Here is a little about cardio workouts and its efficiency to give you the best weight loss results: Cardio Fitness for Body Transformation: Cardio training involves low-level aerobic class exercises that will strengthen the working of cardio vascular system. Such workout routines will help to supply oxygen to the muscles Read more

Choosing Beachbody’s Intense Workouts: P90X vs. Insanity

Beachbody offers one of the best in-home fitness solutions that will push your physique to a higher fitness level. P90X and Insanity are the best extreme strength workouts that are going to develop your body so that it reaches it maximum potential. Both programs are aimed at building stamina, muscle, and endurance while offering you to shed the fat. However, you cannot just “pick and select” any intense workout. To pick out the best workout for you from the multi-level series of P90X and Insanity workouts, you need to see if the workout will be suitable for you and if it is going to offer you the desired results. Fitness Preference: Beachbody P90X or Insanity Workout            Read more

P90X–Insanity–One on One Hybrid Schedule to Get Higher Fitness Results!

When you take on a fitness routine, make sure it adds some variety, to prevent hitting fitness plateaus. Plus, by mixing up your fitness routines, you will be ending the boredom of one workout and would spice up your fitness results. Like Tony Horton says “variety is the spice of life”. One way to mix up your fitness is to combine “variety – consistency – intensity” together to get long-term success. Make a hybrid of the workout you like and you will be getting the best fitness results. P90X and Insanity are the two extreme workouts by Beachbody that aim to give you lasting results. By making a hybrid of P90X, Insanity, and One on one workouts you are going to have life changing Read more

Tips to Take Insanity Workout for Second Time

  Are you thinking about doing the insanity workout for second time? Kudos to you! Certainly, Insanity is an insane workout that will offer you amazing mass build-up and a lean body shape. Often people find it hard to keep up with this routine the first time. But it really is possible to get through another 60 days of abs and core training, non-stop resistance training, strength and power intervals, and plyometric drills as Shaun T’s constant motivation gets you moving until the end. Fitness buffs that are willing to take on Insanity workout again get twice the fitness results. However, here are some Insanity workouts tips that will help you start the routines again and get greater results: Maximizing Read more

Best Fitness Workouts 2014: Looking Back into Beachbody Makeover 2013

BB workouts
Christmas and New Year is over, Its time to take a fresh start with new dreams and fitness goals! people are getting ready with their New Year plans and start their “top of the list” health and fitness resolutions. Beachbody has been revamping to a fitter lifestyle and so, in the year 2014, the satisfied customers will definitely be looking into Beachbody’s DVD workouts before they set their preferences and fitness goals. Beachbody fitness DVD programs are fun, effective, and challenging that can be easily done from your own home. If you want to whip yourself into New Year fitness regimes, here are Beachbody’s top workout reviews from 2013 so that you can kick-start a fitness regime Read more

How Should Men And Women Fitness Workouts Differ?

men vs women
Fitness topics are always surrounded by a number of questions, especially when it comes to the type of workouts men or women should do. The workouts for men should be different for women, just like the night is different from the day! Before addressing the issue, it is important that you understand why women workouts should vary in style and intensity as compared to those of men. Discussing the Men and Women Fitness Levels: Difference of hormones: The main difference lies in the fact Testosterone (a male dominant hormone) is a necessary hormone for increasing muscle mass. Although women also have testosterone but in very low amounts. They have abundance of the hormone estrogen. Men Read more

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