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Shakeology Combo Box – Mix Health with Fun: Chocolate/Vanilla Packs

As the new vanilla Shakeology hit the stores, people have been reviewing about the blend of the best Shakeology flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla. With such high demands, Beachbody has introduced the Shakeology Combo Box – so that you can have your cake, and enjoy it too! – pun intended. The new Shakeology Combo Box is a blend of 24 single-serving packets (12 Chocolate and 12 Vanilla) so that you can alternate the flavors each day, or mix the two to get a lip smacking smoothie blend that will entice your taste buds. The Shakeology Combo Box also comes with a Chocolate/Vanilla Recipe Calendar, so that you can just fall in love all over again with your glass of complete health! Here Read more

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