3 Sure Tricks to Keep Halloween Healthy and Avoid the Treats

3 Sure Tricks to Keep Halloween Healthy and Avoid the Treats

With all the “trick or treating”, candies and other confectionaries, Halloween becomes an occasion of dreaded weight gain for many. Although you may be faced with the sugary snacks around every corner at this time of the year, but this does not mean that, you give up on your efforts to live healthily. You do not just have to stay on track for the Halloween day, but also have to keep score of your habits all through the season.

Tricks to Keep Halloween Healthy

It is ok to step outside from your controlled dietary routines, but making exceptions will take you too far. Staying away from the treats becomes actually hard for the adults and even harder to limit the children from over-indulging the candies.

Here are some useful tricks for keeping your Halloween happy and healthy, while maintaining the fun for all:

Candy Alternatives:

Candy Alternatives

You cannot just hand out apple slices to the children who come knocking at your door, but you can always give other non-eatable items that will keep the fun-factor intact without becoming a reason for childhood obesity.

Replace the holiday candy with goodies like toys, small party favors, stickers, little story books, and other such items that acts like a treat sans the high sugar rush.

For parties and gatherings, you do not have to fill the table with candy bowls and sweet dishes. Keep a variety of snack food choices and fill the bowls with fruits, corn chips, pretzels, crunchy veggies, and other savory items to add both color and nutrition together.

Procrastinate the Candy Purchase:

Cake With FruitsDo not stock the candy at your house. Try to buy the candy and other dessert foods just before the Halloween day so that you can avoid getting the cravings.

Plus, you need to manage what you will be taking home from the stores. Make sure that you do over-stuff the candies that you like the most, since you might have to end up eating the leftovers.

 Breakfast With FruitsEat Well in the Morning and Before the Treating:

Healthy foods are great to start your day. Take your breakfast properly so that you do not get the candy temptations. Another trick is to drink a warm cup of milk that will level the sugar levels in the body.

Keep Control of the Portion Sizes:

Even if you are taking the sweet-nothings, keep in mind how much of it will curb your hankerings. You can actually increase the calories by around 100 per small snack size treats. To avoid the alarming situations, and satisfy your hunger practice portion control and set boundaries for sweets, you will be taking over a certain period.

Get the candies that have fewer calories but do not compromise on the sweetness. You can also go for dark chocolate option that is much better for health due to its low caloric index.

To end:

It is always hard to avoid the sweets or set boundaries when it comes to eating your favorite candies. Nevertheless, follow these tricks to take control over your dietary routines during the Halloween holidays.

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