Turbo Fire & Turbo Jam – Calculating Similarities and Differences

Turbo Fire & Turbo Jam – Calculating Similarities and Differences

TurboFire & Turbo Jam

Do you want to burn maximum calories while enjoying your workouts? Chalene Johnson brings Turbo series you bring you maximum fitness results while you have fun working out! By introducing pumping beats and thrilling moves, both Turbo Fire workout and the Turbo Jam routines will get you in the best form without hitting boredom.

Although both of these programs by Chalene Johnson are high-energy workouts, but the techniques and the results are different from each other. Here is an insight on both the workouts to help you understand which workout is the best starting point for you.

Turbo Jam – Turbo Fire: What Do You Get?

Understanding the Concepts:

TurboFireChalene Johnson describes both Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire as natural outgrowths of her original Turbo Kick, which originated in the late 1990s.

Both the series rely on Johnson’s “turbo” concept and uses plenty of music to bring a fast workout that will remain exciting all the way until the end. Each of the workouts is a combination of kickboxing and hip-hop moves and mixes intense cardio intervals with periods of more sustained cardio moves.

Turbo JamPlus you will be training with stretching and strength building techniques to sculpt the body and tone up the muscles.

Turbo Jam results have been achieved adding “ramp” to the original kick boxing and hip-hop classes that were introduced by Chalene and is geared towards offering experience in low-intensity interval training technique.

On the other hand, Turbo Fire uses High intensity interval technique (HIIT) which will burn more calories than any classic cardio workout while boosting your metabolic rate.

Skill Levels Required for Turbo Jam & Turbo Fire:

Turbo JamAlthough you can start with the Turbo Fire low intensity workout version to get a hold of the routine, but for beginners it can be a bit daunting. Therefore, Turbo Jam is a perfect workout for basic fitness level and it is more user-friendly for people.

Turbo Jam workout has variations in the total five workouts. The routines will go like this: muscle-sculpting (40-minutes), full-body workout (20-minutes), dance cardio (45-minutes), and a workout focusing on standing abdominal moves (20-minutes).
With these supercharged exercise routines, you will burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.


For more experienced buffs, Turbo Fire reviews show that it works like charm because the HIIT technique will never let fitness and muscle build-up to plateau. Turbo fire workouts range from high interval/stretch, cardio/stretch and sculpt/tone routines, each lasting between 25 to 60 minutes. Turbo Fire results take your cardio workouts to an athlete’s level. It will let you burn 9 times more calories than classic cardio workouts.

Making Your Pick:

Each program is different and appeal to different audiences. Choose the workout on its intensity level to get greatest fitness results.

Buy Turbo Jam workout

Purchase Turbo Jam workout:

For beginner to intermediate intensity levels.

Buy TurboFire workoutPurchase Turbo Fire workout:

For advanced level fitness.


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