Workout Foods – Learn To Treat Your Body Gently

Workout Foods – Learn To Treat Your Body Gently

workout foodsMany of you take supplements for high intensity workout, others might try to eat healthy foods and stay natural. Shakeology also serves as a natural supplement; you can do extra effort to empower your body for workouts. Making right choices when eating will improve your overall fitness and health.

Start making healthier choices!

Get rid of bad eating habits. Learn to treat your body gently with making right food choices.

  1. Eat Whole Grains: Bagels made up of whole grain are healthy. It is best as a pre-workout food. Eating whole grains like red beans are rich in fiber and healthier for you.
  2. Bananas: High in potassium content, it prevents muscle cramps. It also contains carbohydrates to empower your body before workouts.
  3. Berries: Berries are rich in anti-oxidants. It helps in relieving you from stress. All sorts of berries are healthy. The deeper its color the richest it is in nutrients.
  4. Carrots: Cut in candy size, it is one of the richest veggies for workouts. It provides energy to key muscles. It controls muscular contraction and prevents muscle cramps.
  5. Whole Grain Cereal: Whole grain cereal taken with low fat milk gives you energy to push your body harder and longer.
  6. Chicken Thighs: Richest source of protein, chicken thighs helps in muscle strength and endurance.
  7. Chocolate Milk: Chocolate milk taken before workouts boosts your energy. It supplies you the energy as that of workout supplements.
  8. Low Fat Cottage Cheese: It provides you more protein to empower your muscles.

Other foods that is healthier for your health includes peanuts, oranges, olive oil, potatoes, cranberries, and eggs. Take egg daily, it is good for your brain health. If you want to enhance your awareness about healthy foods, don’t shy to contact me!


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