Yoga versus Pilates and Benefits of Fusing the Routines

Yoga versus Pilates and Benefits of Fusing the Routines

Yoga versus Pilates and their Benefits

Fitness gurus always think of Yoga versus Pilates as the perfect couple to give you both physical and psychological benefits. Both of these fitness techniques are based on the science of body movement and facilitate transformation of mind, body, and spirit. The difference of both these routines is therefore very vague and is confused generally.

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In simple terms, Pilates is a workout and Yoga is a practice. The irony is that Yoga and Pilates are often combined in workouts together to give you exceptional results. Before we look into the benefits of combining Yoga and Pilates together, let us review the differences between both these routines:

Yoga versus Pilates: The Difference of Techniques

Yoga is a technique, derived from ancient Chinese wisdom, and is intended to use the mind and body through stretching, breathing, and meditation. Whereas, Pilates is a younger sibling of Yoga that was derived as rehabilitation technique for World War one soldiers.

The typical variations of Yoga routines combine proper posture, body stance followed specific breathing techniques. Pilates is a combination of low-impact flexibility and core strengthening exercises utilizing body weight and calisthenic training.

Yoga versus Pilates: Combined Benefits

Even with their own differences, yoga and Pilates overlap in several ways. These techniques have been used over ages for treating injuries and other psychological syndromes including stroke, drug abuse, joint injuries, and other issues like anxiety, and depression.

Combine the benefits of both these routines to improve your health and fitness. Take for example Beachbody’s latest Piyo workout, devised by trainer Chalean Johnson, as a revolutionary technique that not involves the use of best Pilates and yoga-inspired moves. The workout is further excelled to give you ultra lean and intensely defined physique with the help of cardio, strength, and flexibility movements.

Piyo workout advances the use of Pilates and Yoga into a fitness routine that will involve a series of continuous, targeted moves, to burn fat as you redefine every single muscle. Through the use of advanced routines, you will have the power to define your body through lean muscle development and control the way you feel.

If you have muscle aches or bad knees to do any other workout, then the curing factor of Yoga and Pilates in Piyo workout will help you mend your body for higher endurance and muscle strength.

Another benefit of both Yoga and Pilates (even Piyo workout) is that they can be done from the comfort of your home.

In the end, use the combination of these complete mind-body workouts to relieve stress while strengthening the muscle develop for better health and physical fitness.

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